Horse Play…

Jolly Ball Romp-N-Roll

Romp-N Roll

Having recently lost yet another supposedly durable toy I decide to embark once again on the quest of finding a suitable toy that will last against my ‘monster’ of a dog. This time I inquired about which toy would be suitable for Zeea from one of the employees showing her the toy I had purchased just the other day or what was left of it. Wide-eyed and an elongated ‘oh’ she offered up a suggestion. This suggestion was the Jolly Toy’s Romp-N-Roll. A toy, I learned that day, used for horses and if a horse could chew and kick the ball with stone-hard hooves how could my cute faced fifty-three pound puppy make a dent in it?

The Romp-N-Roll is made of thick rubber with a rope, a little small than the width of the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAholes, running through the centre. Zeea loved to romp around the place using the rope to tug and toss the ball. Unfortunately she loved the rope a little too much and what started as fraying and unwinding of rope soon became separate pieces of thread and the rope was no more. I was not all that surprised though knowing Zeea’s pervious experiences with rope toy, so I simply removed the rope and wait for the real test of the toy, the survival of the ball.

Thanks to Zeea I was able to learn more about the balls construction, the ball is hollow OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwith an open-ended tube going down the centre. Of course I never would have known this if Zeea had not disproved its long-lasting durability but make a hole large enough to easily see inside. It did last her a few days which more than most rubber balls also it is not split in half so it is a least more durable than the basic rubber ball. One more hole, and a bunch of small punctures, did not equal the ball being tossed and was placed in Zeea’s toy bin as the first toy to survive playtime, but not without some damage.

After a few more rounds with the ‘monster’ the pilling of the rubber was so bad it finally sent the ball to a new type of bin, the garbage bin.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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