The Dragon Slayer…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe plush squeaker dragon from goDog has a claim to fame in durable plush toys, they have manufactured the toy with a chew guard technology, which to my understanding means more stitching with reinforcement and a special material, which looks like a type of mesh (see black fabric inside). Although goDog does not claim their toys are indestructible they do state “dogs are tough but chew technology is tougher.” I actually really enjoy this quote, it makes me laugh a little.

goDog Plush Dragon

goDog Plush Dragon

So the dragon can be chewed through, no surprise there…  I mentioned above though they do not claim the toy is indestructible they claim it is durable and will last longer. I will agree indeed this toy did longer than a plush but I am not sure with Zeea that says much. Zeea has a hole in the plush within less than 3 minutes and is happily pulling all the stuffing out. Did I mention the dragon does not have stuffing? No mess to clean, well if you don’t count the pieces of torn toy strewn around the place, but not as attention grabbing as pulling the insides from plushies. This toy does have a squeaker or in this case did. Silence the toy and you have defeated it…or so I imagine my dog thinking as digs her snout into the freshly made hole. As you can see though that wasn’t the end of her attack…she slayed the dragon. 😛

In the end is this toy durable? Depends on the definition. If you are using it with the premise that durable means longer lasting than perhaps I would agree. If you are using durable as a term for strength then I would have to say stronger than a normal plushie but as for chew technology being tough…I think my dog has poked a hole in that theory (literally). 😉

Dragon foot showing chew guard technology

Dragon foot showing chew guard technology

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