A Jolly Time…

Jolly Ball's Teaser Ball

Jolly Ball’s Teaser Ball

The Jolly Toy’s Teaser Ball is a large hard plastic ball with three holes and a soft small plastic ball in the centre, the inner ball cannot fit through the holes so there is no worry of your dog getting its strong jaws around the soft ball inside, which we all know would be gone in seconds. This has been the case with Zeea try as she might the small ball will not come out (such a tease 😉 ). Zeea also has not been able to crack the large ball, though it does carry some battle wounds, as the surface has not be left completely unscratched. The Tease ball does not survive because of the strength of the outer plastic, though I’m sure it helps, but because the ball is not easily fit in between the dog’s jaw making it difficult the get their full power behind it.  So remember if purchasing the Teaser ball go up a size, you do not have to get the largest one (unless that is the size your dog needs), this will give the ball a better chance of survival. Zeea’s has lasted months so far which is saying a lot.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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