Hard Core…?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the back of the tag for Kyjen’s Hard Core Fire Hose Squeak N’ Fetch (Large) it states:

With multiple layers of tightly-woven nylon fabric on the outside, and long-wearing, smooth synthetic rubber on the inside, firehoses are made for heavy duty abrasion resistance – which makes them the perfect material for an exceptionally strong and durable dog toy. Soft yet sturdy, these super-tough toys are perfect for hard core chewers!

This toy does not hold up to Kyjen’s bold claim; within less than 10 minutes Zeea had torn open the toy and had the squeaker out. Zeea’s loves her squeakers and her goal is to silence the toys before anything else, as for the squeakers that still work when pierced I’m unsure because Zeea doesn’t make a little puncture she makes an actual hole (the smallest being the size of your pinky). So as I was saying Zeea lost some interest with the toy being sans squeaker but soon enough she was back at it and easily breaking through the heavily stitched black ends and pulling out cotton in large chunks. By the end of day one (was given to Zeea around dinner time) there were three major holes that you could fit three fingers in. The next day having an interest in the toy once again Zeea continued her ‘play’ or rather her annihilation and soon you could see through the holes to other side, the toy soon lost all of the stuffing and the sides became frayed.

The tag also says: if the becomes ripped or damaged, please discard immediately. For supervised play only. Although I kept continued allowing Zeea to play with the toy she was under supervision to make sure the many fragments of red and black material were all collected.

Today is day three and I am writing my review; the tag said this toy can take ‘heavy duty abrasions, is exceptionally strong and durable’…defiantly not. As for ‘perfect for hard core chewers’ I think the company needs to revamp not only their description but the toy’s name. Seeing Zeea’s work I would go with something along the lines of ‘Chew to the Core’.    

*A positive point to this toy is that a real fire hose was recycled to make this toy. 🙂

Zeea: So happy to have the squeaker out!

Zeea: So happy to have the squeaker out!

LESS THAN 10 MINS  Hard Core Firehose: Hole showing squeaker

Hard Core Firehose: Hole showing squeaker

I can see through it!  Fire-hose toy

I can see through it!

DAY 2 Zeea with Firehose toy


Stuffing... Zeea with fire-hose toy


The end of the toy...

The end of the toy…

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2 Responses to Hard Core…?


    hey this is Aleksandra from matea’s owner. man zeea is a hard core chewer lol


    • emrdunn says:

      She sure is I’m glad she focuses on toy and bones and not the furniture. LOL

      I am going shopping this weekend to sniff out more toys to review so if you want to read more I would love it if you followed. Thanks!


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