OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Virtually Indestructible Ball is made of polyethylene which is the most common plastic seen in daily life and,0 as of recently, seen on my floor. This ball is nowhere close to holding up to its name of indestructible. Zeea easily sunk her teeth into this ball and chewed off bits of plastic within 5 minutes. The smooth surface soon became spiky and by day two she had broken all the through the plastic surface revealing the hollow inside. Although I say two days I doubt it had anything to do with the balls durability. The reason it lasted was because Zeea was uninterested; she barley played with the ball and when she did it was within minutes that the plastic ruined and after finally returning to this toy she took barley any more time to tear open a hole. This ball is far from being indestructible and I could not believe someone said two rottweilers used this ball daily and it lasted… This ball is nowhere near indestructible, it is not even durable. As for long-lasting…only because the dog doesn’t touch it. My recommendation is skip over this toy it is virtually useless.




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