Hide-A-Squirrel (plushie)

Hide-A-Squirrel (plushie)

Zeea absolutely loves chasing squirrels though she has never caught one as those pesky rodents run up trees. Paws on the trunk Zeea tries to stretch herself as much as she can hoping to reach the perching pest.  Knowing Zeea’s love for these furry creatures I bought her the Hide-A-Squirrel squeak toy, it is a plush stump that comes with three plush squirrels or what they call squirrels…really they look like weird chipmunks so I dubbed them ‘squek-munks.’ Zeea had tons of fun pulling out them out of their hiding place. It was supposed to be a puzzle but it didn’t take her long to get her nose in and remove each and every one. I continued putting the ‘squek-munks’ back into the stump , as well as buying more to replace the torn apart one, and Zeea continued happily to play. Eventually with nothing more to pull out the stump was also destroyed.

So time to upgrade…

The Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel Extreme became another great play toy instead of plush it made of a rubber/plastic and this time I would agree with the term squirrel. Zeea had a lot of fun and the “hiding” part lasted longer as the squirrel (you get just one) is larger in size and has to be squeezed through the largest hole in the stump so the difficultly is raised; I even had a little trouble getting the squirrel back in after I removed the netting from around it. 😛

So the extreme toy lasted longer because it was more challenging and Zeea’s goal was get the squirrel. I, as I did with the plush version, replaced the squirrel many times to continue the game. I guess I wasn’t quick enough in noticing she had gotten the squirrel out and soon found the creature in pieces. The log was removed, as I hope to buy another squirrel or two, but not before she had sunk here teeth into it as well taking a small chunk out of the top. Although the durability is higher than a plushie it can still be chewed apart easily. However if your dog likes puzzles and loves squirrel I would recommend it and to make it last for longer keep the toy as a puzzle not a chew toy and replace the squirrels.


Hide-A-Squirrel Extreme

Hide-A-Squirrel Extreme

Get the squirrel out...! *shake shake*

Get the squirrel out…!
*shake shake*

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  1. Lydia says:

    Zeea is so cute!


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