The Best of Nature…

Nature has a lot of choices for your dog, elk and deer antlers, pig and cow hooves and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmarrow bones; all of them are high in their durability. I would say the hooves however are weaker than the other choices and dogs can easily get their jaw around the crescent shape. As for the antlers although dogs can get their teeth around them the antlers are close to being indestructible. I say close because you can get whole or split antlers which makes a difference. Zeea has yet to break the whole antler but has shown her skills in destroying the split antlers, which she has splintered apart. As for the marrow bones they don’t put up quite the same resistant as whole antlers but are defiantly long-lasting. Once again there are bones in all different forms with Zeea’s favorite being the bones that still have meat on them, yum!

**Remember these bones have been approved for dogs do not give dogs bones off your plate they can be very dangerous and cause internal injuries.

Rib bones are one of the available types however if you’re having a hard time with durable toys lasting I would suggest you stay away from these. Zeea has easily split apart a rib leaving sharp surfaces that could not just cut her gums but if swallowed could cause a tear her digestive track. So if you plan on giving any dog a rib (not just the destructive ones) keep your dog under supervision and promptly remove the bone when it becomes unsafe.

Pork verses Beef

There is a choice in hooves between pig and cow the quick tells as to which animal it is are size and colour; you will find that most pig hooves are dark whereas the cow hooves are more of a tan colour. Zeea had full consumed both types of hooves and the cow hooves last longer. This is not just because of the size I realized but because the pig hooves are more fragile, crack and break apart easily. As for the cow hooves it is more of wearing it down not breaking.

Zeea is happy to test any kind of bone that has been cover in meat and enjoys both pork OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand beef. What do I like better? Beef. I have found that the larger beef bones hold up much better than the pork (which are always smaller in size) which last maybe up to a week before they have been fully consumed. Zeea’s best bone is her beef femur, though even she has surprised me with this one…She separated the femur head from the bone along with the condyles (the round parts of the bone).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I am sure that many owners get their destructive dogs bone and antlers so above is just a little more information in which one could be the better choice. Bones don’t last forever of course and I hate to say it but it is true…dogs get bored with the same bones. There is no ‘real play’ with bones just chewing.

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2 Responses to The Best of Nature…

  1. Lindsay T says:

    I completely agree with this! My dog looved her antler. For awhile… then got bored. BUT it was great because it didn’t get destroyed in .5 seconds like most other toys!


  2. Odin says:

    I agree with all of this. I’ve stopped buying the ribs. I prefer beef femurs and ears to pork femurs and ears (the pork ones are greasier, too). I usually only get the meaty ones, because those ones keep the dogs’ attention for longer. I tried buffalo femur but it wasn’t meaty and they didn’t even want those ones. Recently I’ve seen deer femur but they seem small and after a few minutes, they start to splinter and I have to take them away. Bummer, because I think they cost more, too. Same with antlers. They got bored with them right away, they cost a lot, and they won’t even look at them anymore.

    I got some kind of hooves that smelled like manure when they got slightly wet/chewed on. I mean, the inside of the house literally smelled like a barn. I don’t know what was up with that, but I don’t buy hooves anymore.


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