Diamond in the Ruff

orbee-tuff diamond plate ball

orbee-tuff diamond plate ball

In my exploration of toys I came across the orbee-tuff diamond plate ball. Diamonds are indeed one of the strongest substances in the world so by choosing to use this stone in the toy’s name it is basically a statement of extreme durability. It also says in small font at the bottom of the tag “durability rating: 5 out of 5 chompers”. So does this toy hold up to any of these claims?  Yes. Although it has only been about 2 days the fact Zeea has not punctured the ‘diamond plate’ says a lot and I watched her try to chew it. Another plus is the ball is durable without being hard, the material used is soft enough that if thrown indoors it will not break anything from the impact.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Additionally the ball is bouncy. Zeea finds this more entertain then one the just roll after hitting the ground. Moreover because it bounces this ups the play for Zeea, in fact Zeea plays ‘catch’ with herself. She picks up the ball in her mouth, raises her head and throws the ball then the ball bounces up and down as Zeea tries to pounce on it or get it under her paw (it reminds me of dribbling a basketball 🙂 ). If the bounce doesn’t enthral your dog tempt them with treats. This ball has a hollow inside providing a ‘treat spot’. It will test your dog’s tongue skill as he tries to maneuver the treat from small openings and it will also test the ball’s strength as you dog digs in their fangs in attempt to obtain the ‘prize’ inside.

The company believes in their product (100% guaranteed any time. Every time.) and right now they have my belief too.

If you think 2 days is too short, no worries. I will still be reviewing this toy as time ticks by. A great start though and hopefully no ending.        OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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One Response to Diamond in the Ruff

  1. Dawn says:

    Love your site, I have many pictures of chewed up toys, defluffed animals and dissected “undestructable” toys. Very few live up to the name. Thanks for commenting on my dog toy page, sorry it took me so long, I got “SPAMMED”, thousands to go through before I found “real” people. Have a great weekend! http://3quarterstoday.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=897&action=edit


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