Durable Dispenser for Dogs

Buster Food Cube

Buster Food Cube

Treats and a toy is there a better combination? Maybe not for the dog but for the owner add one more ‘T’ word, TOUGH. The Buster Food Cube meets all of the criteria, creating a fun tasty and long lasting playtime.

A learning level has been assigned this toy with the level being genius. There are different levels of difficultly settings in this cube which is done by turning the inner cylinder. By doing so the hole within the cylinder becomes smaller so the treats are not released as easily whether this brings the toy up to the level of genius I don’t know…To release the treats the cube is batted around; this is the case for all the difficulty levels. Genius? According to label it is.

Also stated on the label is “not for aggressive chewers” however looking at the solidness and sturdiness of this cube I thought why not give it a try since all the other food dispensers I have comes across have soft plastic which I know Zeea will chew through. Well there is something to say for trying it has been a week and the cube is still in perfect condition. Zeea has even been able to get enough of the cube in her mouth to pick it up; I don’t know how because it is larger the width of her mouth (recommend). Maybe that is the genius part. 😛


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