Tuffy Dog Toy Zoo Series Tiger - Tatters

Tuffy Dog Toy Zoo Series Tiger – Tatters

The world’s tuffest soft dog toy is an oxymoron and in this case a tiger. Zeea is always glad to get a stuffed toy though usually they are just the cheap ones, since I know they won’t last long. However who am I to not to test out a toy with this kind of name and the claim extremely durable. Zeea was more than happy to accept the test subject.

A rundown of the toys defence mechanisms:

Seven rows of stitching with 2 directions of cross stitching holding the multiple layers and webbing around the edges together. The toy parts are also sewn together with up to three rows of stitching.

Three layers of material including 1 layer of luggage grade material (in the ultimate series) and layers coated with plastic to hold the material fibers together. Then for the ‘soft’ is a layer of fleece.

This toy also has a tuff rating with the tiger toy being long lasting and really durable, an 8OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA on the tuff scale,. In my experience, or rather Zeea’s, tuff level 8 must refer to the minutes it takes it takes to completely destroy the toy even less to create a hole. Within minutes Zeea had gone through the black lining and the many stitching and started pulling of the cotton like tissues. At this point according to the tag ‘the toy should discarded when the pet reaches the stuffed core’; so basically right away. One hole is not enough though for Zeea especially when there is still a squeaker hiding in there. So after removing most of the stuffing Zeea holds in between her teeth a lime green bag which is where the squeaker hides (a feature added to increase the time the owner has to remove the toy).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Zeea’s destruction of the toy was no surprise to me as she has had the Invincible snake toy before which also had the extra stitching and thick lining and Zeea had easily tore open the that toy. The snake actually lasted longer, though only because of the length. 😉

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