Swing n’ Fling…Away

Starmark Swing n' Fling Durafoam Fetch Ball

Starmark Swing n’ Fling Durafoam Fetch Ball

I would like to start off with saying this ball was performance-tested by thousands of dogs…well it only took one dog, Zeea, to get through this toy ball. The Swing n’ Fling Durafoam fetch ball by Starmark (large) is a durafoam ball with a rope going through the centre or at least that was how it started. Within minutes after a few fetches Zeea soon chewed the rope apart. Even with the extremely tight braid of the rope Zeea simply did what Alexander did to the Gordian knot, she cut right through it. Once again I was able to learn more about the toy construction through Zeea’s determination. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUnder the three weaved strands is one thicker white rope as a supporting base. To Zeea’s disappointment I removed the rope pieces just leaving the ball. After a moment of sulking and some encouragement Zeea began to sink her teeth into the ball, and when I say sink I mean literally. Small puncture marks could be seen all over the yellow surface. Zeea chewed the ball and it wasn’t long after little yellow foam pieces were scattered on my carpet. Already a hole had been created in 10 minutes from giving Zeea the ball. I decided to let her continue in the ball destruction and I did until the sound of her tearing the durafoam, which sounds like squeaking of Styrofoam, became too much for my ears to handle.

There are many other toys that claim durability but also state they are not for chewing, which we all know is going to happen if the dog gets to hold the toy for any period of time, except this toy which states this ball is for chewing. Since this is a chew toy you think it would hold up better, however all I can say is the durafoam wasn’t durable at all. This is one ball there is no reason to go out and fetch.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

"Follow the yellow brick road..."

“Follow the yellow brick road…”

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