I just wanted to inform everyone reading my blog that What’s the “Woof?” does get updated (occasionally) but due to the way wordpress works I cannot make individual posts on the What’s the “Woof”? page. So to keep confusion down I have moved  all the past posts under the heading What’s the “Woof” Archives. Therefore one topic at a time will be on What’s the “Woof”?  to avoid having readers’ ‘chasing tails’.

THANK YOU and I hope you keep reading!

A Terrible Tail -NEW! Read under “What’s the Woof?”

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7 Responses to Attention:

  1. sheila says:

    Thank you for all the testing and reviews! My boxita and beagle are both heavy duty chewers so I’m always looking for the next best thing that will last more than a day. I volunteer at a dog rescue too so also try to find good toys that will work for the variety of dogs that stay while waiting on their forever homes.


  2. Lois Segers says:

    I am the proud mom of Harley, a 4 yr. old *?*, 8 lb. rescued Maltese/Shih Tzu mix that we have spoiled rotten. I appreciate the info on your blog. Although small, Harley is hard on toys, but doesn’t chew anything else. He only has 3 toys to his name. His Dino, a pink chew guard dinosaur that he recently chewed through the ear after a year of ownership…a rope…and a small ball which has little nubs on it…I can’t remember what it’s called. Since he is satisfied with these, I have decided not to go broke trying to find anything else.
    Your fur-baby is beautiful.
    Thank you for your testing of toys.


  3. Very thorough. Enjoyed reading your test results with the various toys. Got your blog from an article about toy safety in Bark.


  4. Jess says:

    Hi thanks for some great tips, the extreme kong is the only thing my staffy x rottie hasn’t destroyed almost immediately but the only problem is he seems to have got a sore on his lip, presumably from it and trying to get treats out makes it worse so it looks like we’ll have to limit his time with it at least for a while. I was considering the KONG Jumbler Football and/or the kong safe stick, anyone tried either? the first has a squeak inside which I know my dog loves so hopefully it will last, I will let you know if I trial them.


    • Zeea says:

      If you are still looking for a treat toy I would suggest the The Buster Cube. Dogs don’t use their tongues like with the KONG to get the treats and it is not made of a chewable rubber that would promote such behaviour either. The Buster Cube simply is rolled around and treats fall out. As for the two toys you mentioned I have looked at both and when I feel the material they are made out of, which is not the same rubber as the black KONG, I have a strong feeling my dog could easily chew through but defiantly I’ll test it (of course let me know if you do the same and the results). I would also suggest the a Zogoflex toy if your dog likes chew; the Hurley bone is the one I bought for Zeea and it is still surviving (One of the Top 5 Durable Dog Toys).

      I hope your dog’s lip gets better, if not I would see a vet.


    • Zeea says:

      Testing your toy suggestions.

      The KONG Jumbler Football and the SafeStix are now part of Zeea’s collection. They will be put to ultimate test. Look forward to the results.


    • Zeea says:

      KONG Jumbler reviewed!


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