A lost battle…

bamboo play combat Flying disc dog toy

bamboo play combat Flying disc dog toy

Recently for business I took a trip to Buffalo, NY and on the way back was able to get in a bit shopping. While being the owner I am and a dog lover what did I buy? A dog toy. Although the States seemed to have many of the toys we here there was one brand I had never seen, which was Bamboo play Combat. What stood out to me was the word ‘combat’ and the pair of army books on the tag; surely this was a sign of a durable toy (at least in the companies opinions). Sure enough I the toy had been “battle tested” and “withstands rigorous play”. So the bamboo play combat Flying disc dog toy became an addition to my blog.

To answer one question I am sure many of you have no this toy is not made with bamboo in any form the material used is an ultra-durable, ballistic style nylon; but not indestructible (as the company writes on the ‘warning’).

The toy was put to the test or I guess it would be better to say a training exercise 😉 . The OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAresult? Zeea must be a one man army because with a minuet she had torn into the toy, both the black and red material. So just like in the past when ballistic material was replaced with Kevlar (a little fun fact) so should this toy be, with a different toy.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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