Crinkler Comprehend

I am certainly learning my share on toy creation by taking part in these toy tests, which I will share with all of you. Crinkle toys are relatively new and one of their attractions is no stuffing; ever wonder what is inside? Plastic bag pieces.

Rainbow Crinkler Tug

Rainbow Crinkler Tug

For Christmas Santa Paws brought Zeea a rope with a tennis ball attached, this was no ordinary rope though it was a crinkle rope. Zeea did not tear the rope apart right away, however this had nothing to do with strength of the rope, Zeea focused on the tennis ball. Within 5 minutes the toy was now in two parts or rather I should say numerous parts; pieces of rubber and felt, which she likes to strip off the rubber. Now turning her attention to…her flavoured antler (apple cider)…so the toy made it to the next day or at least the rope did. Once again the object of Zeea’s play the second part of the toy went just as fast as the ball. Looking down I noticed the rope strands torn and a little clear piece sticking up. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo it was then I learned that the crinkle noise was really just from pieces of plastic that in this case had been folded over others. I’m not sure why I was slightly surprised considering everyone says it sounds like a plastic bag but I guess I never thought that is was really just simple everyday plastic. I know there is worry about the stuffing being swallow and crinkle toys are supposed to stop this worry but I would remove the crinkle OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAjust as you would a stuffed toy; easily consumable plastic strips don’t sound any safer. My dog has never tried to eat the cotton or the outside of stuffed animals (to my knowledge) but I have seen her and the evidence 😉  that she has swallow small pieces of plastic and I would be wary about her playing with this easily ripped toy and getting to the insides. I realize toys say supervise but I am sure, like most people ,that means multi-tasking and glancing over at odd times to check the dog.


*Use your best judgement when leaving dogs with toys/bones. Some toys/bones should be supervised closer than others.

So the review above is obviously not on a possibly durable toy or one I recommend for strong chewers but I simply wanted to share my experience with crinkle toys. I can say that in the future though this will be the only crinkle toy you will see on my blog (unless they suddenly claim one super durable, which is doubtful).

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