Happy Pawlidays!

For Christmas I got Zeea a BarkBox thinking she was going to be spoiled with toys and treats anyway, why not? I did have knowledge of BarkBox before I ordered one and therefore knew that I could email and request a heavy chewer box instead of the original. It was exciting waiting for the mail and my curiosity to what goodies would be inside increased as the delivery date came closer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe box having been received seemed to interest Zeea as she pushed her nose up against it, no doubt smelling the treats inside. To alleviate both of our waiting the box was opened. This was after I decided to record Zeea and her first BarkBox review which I thought of putting on YouTube (but I am not a film-maker by any means). However I will do a brief review on the overall box here on my blog.

The first toy was the BarkMade Yuletide Log which Zeea loved. In fact I had to actual take it away from her so I could show her the rest of the stuff. Next were two different treats a Superior Farms Bully Stick and Bocce’s Bakery Lumps of Coal. Zeea has bully sticks, also known as pizzles, and from my experience they stink. Luckily this one was small and would be gone in less than 10 seconds. For Zeea it is more like a treat than a chew. I thought the Lumps of Coal treats were cute and humorous 🙄 . I read the back of the bag for ingredients, to make check for sunflower oil (doesn’t agree with Zeea), and was surprised to find all the treats contain are: oat flour, apples, mint and charcoal…that’s it. This company is about giving dogs real food and all-natural; as the bag says “a biscuit revolution!”   The mint is a very prominent ingredient not necessarily amount wise but you can tell it is there when you open the bag, a powerful mint scent is all you can smell. I guess it’s a pro after all should freshen your dog’s breath. As for the charcoal I cringed when I read this. I know charcoal is great for absorbing toxins for the body, plus it is kind of neat since the treat is “coal”, but it tastes disgusting (yes, I really have tasted charcoal ^^’ ). Even with this not-so-tasty ingredient though Zeea seems to really enjoy the treats. Also, I am sure the amount they use of charcoal is minimal and with the other ingredients maybe the charcoal doesn’t even come through. I would defiantly believe this given the minty scent. The last item in Zeea’s box was JW Pet Megalast Bone. To find out more about how this toy, and the BarkMade Yuletide Log, survived continue reading my blog where I will be posting full reviews.

Oh, I almost forgot Zeea also got a Safemade Holiday tartan bandana. This is a two-way bandana with candy cane stripes (red and white) on one side and on the other a red background with white pictures of snowflakes, evergreens and reindeer. Not sure if she like it or not she picked it up and walked away with it. She didn’t chew it or anything though. In the end though she did wear it.

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