Now We Tell a Yuletide…Review

BarkMade Yuletide Log

BarkMade Yuletide Log

The BarkMade Yuletide Log was one of the items I received in my BarkBox. I was over at my parents’ house to show my sister what Zeea had gotten in her box and she was showing me what her dog, Silas, had received. Silas is smaller than Zeea and nowhere near as destructive. So while I was talking to my sister, my mom came up behind us and saw the Yuletide Log, claiming that it looked strong and it would take Zeea quite a while to get through it. Another comment, made by my sister, was that Zeea would chew off the branch part first. They were good guesses but knowing Zeea (as her owner), I knew the toy would not survive long and I also knew Zeea would rip the holly off first. Surprise, surprise… I was right. The red berry was pulled off first and the holly leaves were torn within just 2 minutes. Then after she squeaked the log to her heart’s content the branch part came off. After having removed the ‘decorations,’ Zeea began on the base, starting at one end of the log and working around the circular-shaped fabric with ease. Another few minutes and the material had been pulled away and the squeaker exposed. The squeaker wasn’t operational due to the small puncture holes Zeea had already made; even if that hadn’t rendered the squeaker silent, the plastic chunks Zeea had chewed off the end of the squeaker surely would have.    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Overall, the construction of this toy is maybe a bit tougher compared to a plushie but I wouldn’t label it as a heavy chewer toy. The BarkBox card (that explains all the toy/treats it contains) does not explain how durable the Yuletide Log is supposed to be; however, the material seems to be corduroy-like. In the end though, whatever was used to make this Yuletide Log more tough and durable was irrelevant because it was ineffective.

I meant to have the BarkBox toys posts up before Christmas or shortly after. Unfortunately I have been sick since Christmas; what a great present… :/ The next post will be on the second toy in the BarkBox, the JW Megalast Bone.

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