Resistance on the Zeea Front

JW Megalast Bone

JW Megalast Bone

JW’s Megalast Bone came from Zeea’s Heavy Chewer BarkBox so I did have some expectations at the start of this review. Since the Yuletide Log had not been a heavy chewer toy than surely the bone would be. So I loaded up the bone with treats, choosing treats that I had to squish in with my fingers as I found out Zeea’s kibbles just fell out. With the treats being on the surface, Zeea had no need to knock around the toy and simply just lay down and started plucking out the treats one by one. A few were really jammed in, but after some tongue and paw work, the bone was empty. After eating the treats, Zeea decided to chew
the bone. It made a rubbery-squeaky noise; this means that the toy has an elastic OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAresistance. Now for a short science lesson 😛 . Resistance is based on how much of an opposing force there is on another force. In the case of this toy because the resistance is elastic if Zeea applies force, by biting down, the toy will bend or flex away but still have strength because of the build-up of tension. This combined means it is harder for dogs to get a good grip and get their teeth under the surface. Hard, however, is relative in this case, as Zeea pulled off chunks, small and large, from the toy. I would hear a small snapping sound (much the same as when you break an elastic band) then look to Zeea to see another little red piece removed which I added to the growing collection sitting on the table beside me (to make sure she didn’t ingest one). An hour passed and the bone was missing one full condyle (round bump at end of bone).The toy didn’t even last a full length film; I had a movie on at the time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough this toy is not mega-lasting, it did last longer than I had predicted it would. According to the package this toy is made from super-tough megalastomer which according to the JW company is a durable Thermo Plastic Rubber. Super-tough and durable is a mega-reach. For an average chewer or even an above-average chewer, this toy would definitely last some good playtimes. For the heavy or extreme chewers, however, there will probably be one playtime and then clean-up time.

The best part of this toy? The treat dispensing – treats squished in nice and tight made it a bit of a challenge for the dog. However, there are many other treat dispensing toy options including durable long-lasting ones, such as The Buster Food Cube (see review).

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