So far there haven’t been many survivors but five toys did manage to pass the true test. Just in case you haven’t noticed, I have added a Top Five Durable Toys list on the right side of the page/website. Since it is a new year I thought I’d do a quick update on how each of these toys are lasting.



Number one: the orbee-tuff Diamond Plated Ball is still in tip-top condition with only some teeth marks on the surface. I am very impressed with this toy ❤ . Honestly, I didn’t believe it and thought Zeea just wasn’t putting it to the test and I didn’t want it to be a fluke especially since this toy is being recommended for extreme chewers. So to make sure this was not the case, I took some steak (just so happened to be my dinner that night) and put that inside the ball. I made sure the slice was big enough so Zeea could not easily remove it but small enough so she couldn’t easily get her tongue to scoop it out. She sat there as I put the steak into the ball, staring up at me with excitement shining in her eyes as her tail slowly swept the floor. I gave the ball a small toss and Zeea scrambled after it as it bounced. She pounced on it and held it in her paws, working away to retrieve the yummy meat inside. With just one piece inside, there was a lot of space inside the ball for the meat to go and it was a real challenge for her. In the end, there was no success in getting the steak out but the ball succeeded in lasting.

Number two: the KONG extreme (black) is also still in great condition. This was a close second to the orbee-tuff Diamond Plated Ball because of its pliability. Both items seem to be made of a similar material; KONG says rubber, orbee-tuff toys say orbee-tuff material (not necessarily rubber). If you push your thumb into each toy, the orbee-tuff toy has more give but it ultimately holds up just the same as the stiffer KONG toy. The KONG is very well-known and usually one of the first purchases made when looking for a long-lasting, durable toy, so I am sure if you glanced around the house somewhere you would see the KONG that has survived for years 😀 .

Number three: The Buster Food Cube is by far one of Zeea’s favourite toys. She plays with it constantly; so much in fact that I have to take it away from her because the noise gets to be too much. Like the first and second toy, this toy has also shown its durability. There has been one mishap with the cube though and that was with the treat tube mechanism. Zeea was happily playing with the toy, knocking it all around, including into chairs and the wall, when all of a sudden the mechanism popped out. Whether it was the shaking or Zeea’s nails scratching against the toy’s sides, it opened. This is a problem because a toy is not much use when there is no challenge to get the treats, there is no playtime. This incident has only happened once though and was easily fixable; I just placed the mechanism back and made sure it was locked in (there are arrows on top showing the positions of the lock). Zeea is on the hardest setting which means the tube can be turned as tight as possible versus the other lower setting, where the tube is only twisted part of the way.

Number four: the Jolly Toy’s Teaser Ball. This toy has a hard shell and Zeea’s teeth have yet to crack it. Although this ball is certainly durable, which is why it made the list, Zeea only plays with it for a little while then gets bored. I think, after she tries/plays with it for a bit, she realizes that she won’t/can’t get through the plastic and because there is no give whatsoever, there is no hope that it will break. It really makes me think Zeea’s aims is to destroy her toys 😕 …or it could be she loves chewing and finds this toy hard to get her jaws around comfortably, making it awkward to chew. This toy has been through the true test though and passed, so it makes the list.

Number five: the Nylabone DuraChew Hollow Stick. This toy really does ‘stick’ around (I know, lame joke 😛 ) but it makes number five on the list because, although this toy is tough to chew through completely the ends do get worn away with constant chewing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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