Is it Torn All Yeti…?

Unknown to me, once you buy a BarkBox you automatically have a subscription until you cancel it; even if you only order one box. That’s right – one box and suddenly you have a subscription; my one box was the Christmas box. One of my readers actually mentioned (in a comment) her BarkBox and how her dog, Brody, had destroyed its toys as well, stating that she was just going to get one more and then cancel her subscription. It’s a funny coincidence that I just happened to get one more too 😆 (unintentionally).

R2Pet Monster/Cuddle Monsters

R2Pet Monster/Cuddle Monsters

This time around I will not be reviewing the whole box but just the toy that was sent. The toy is the R2Pet Monster or, as the tag says, a Cuddle Monster. According to the BarkBox card, “the only thing scary about this monster is how much your pup will love cuddling it.” In Zeea’s case, I thought this couldn’t be further from the truth but as I write this, Zeea is on the couch beside me, using the toy as a pillow after she’d had her fun with it.

The monster is stuffed with both cotton and plastic bag-like pieces along with a large squeaker so this toy both crinkles and squeaks. The squeaker is what drew Zeea’s attention though as it is OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnot the regular high-pitched squeak but a lower noise; I would describe it as sounding like the honking of a Canada goose. Zeea had the toy for about 7 minutes before the arm had been torn open, almost torn off, and the stuffing and plastic pieces both removed. Also within this time a hole had been made in the back of the monster’s head and more stuffing had been pulled out, leaving the squeaker bare. Zeea has not yet pulled the squeaker from the body but has punctured it enough to interfere with the squeaking. The base of the toy seems to be made from a tightly woven mesh; it seems this mesh is supposed to make the toy stronger, it is the ‘chew technology’ referred to by other toys. So far this toy isn’t completely destroyed in Zeea’s opinion the toy is dead, because it cannot squeak or in this case honk anymore. Losing interest in the silent toy Zeea decided to nap instead.


I wouldn’t label this toy durable but tough, since the quality is high therefore it will last longer than low quality and perhaps average toys. On a personal note I would want this toy to be torn in pieces because, and I know it’s just a dog toy ^^’ , it is ugly (my opinion. Also I am sure some of you know what I mean in choosing toys… seeing a cute toy and wanting to buy it…). The face is an odd shape and the eyes are so small compared to the other facial features. In the end if anything should be considered a monster it should be Zeea during playtime 😉 .



Scary monster...

Scary monster…

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