‘Chews’ the Nebo

This review is based on a suggestion from one of my readers. The reader suggested I review a Beba toy however I will be reviewing a Nebo instead. They are both from Dura Doggie and made of the same material. The difference is that the Beba is essentially two Nebos attached by a middle bar, resembling a barbell. The reason for the difference in toy was due to availability. I searched and searched and searched but had no luck finding a Beba in stores or even online unless I wanted to pay a ridiculous shipping fee. Then, out of sheer chance, I found a Nebo while I was out shopping. For those that live in the United States, the Beba and Nebo will be an easier find. Unfortunately for Canadians, it is almost impossible to find. 😥

Dura Doggie Nebo

Dura Doggie Nebo

The Nebo is a treat dispensing ball with one hole on each of side (the face would be considered the front). The holes are different sizes with one being larger; therefore I suggest if you plan on putting in small treats or kibble, place at least one larger treat inside close to the bigger hole otherwise it is simply too easy and the small food will fall out. Another way to prevent this is to use a sticky, dog-friendly substance, like peanut butter, either as the filling inside the toy or a coating around the food.

This toy has proven to be durable for the three days Zeea had it but before I put it on the Top 5 List I would like to wait longer and run some more tests, such as the steak one again (see the orbee-tuff Diamond Plated ball review under Survivors! Updated). I will likely post an update in 15 days as Dura Doggie has a 100% guarantee which states that if your dog chews through the toy in 15 days or less, they will send you a brand new one for free (of course this is a one-time replacement).

Another promise made by this company is that 20% of your purchase goes to help a cause you ‘chews’. There are four colours which represent four different causes. Pink is for breast cancer, blue is for animals, orange is for diabetes and green is for the earth. “Chews your Cause” and your dog won’t be the only one getting a ‘treat’! ❤

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe size of the toy I bought is a little small for Zeea as toys for extreme chewers should not easily fit between your dog’s open jaws (warning: if the toy is smaller than this size, be aware of choking hazards).If a toy is too small, the strength a dog can use to chomp through the toy is increased and the more force used, the more damage caused. Ultimately, seeing this toy’s resilience will make you smile just like the Nebo does. 😀

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