Zeus' Bomber

Zeus’ Bomber

When I first heard about this dog from my sister I looked it up online to see exactly what it was. It looks like a basketball with handles and if you have ever played with a basketball, or worse been conked by one, you know how hard those balls can be. With the classic orange colour and the bumpy rubberized texture, I could only assume that the toy would share the same strength and hardness as a basketball. On the toys website, the Zeus Bomber is described as rugged and durable with extra strong handles that most breeds will struggle to pop. Well the company was right about one thing – this toy does not pop. However, it doesn’t last either. 😦

Zeea was uninterested in playing fetch or tug-a-war like with most toys so she decided to test it with her teeth. I have to admit I was shocked when just 2 minutes later, after getting my camera, there were already pieces missing from the toy. Not only had Zeea pulled off the top orange layer of the handle, she had taken out a good chunk of the rubber material underneath as well. So far I was very unimpressed but decided to allow her to continue chewing on the toy in the hope that the base/ball part of the toy was stronger. It was only a few minutes later that I found out the rest of the toy was just as weak and, considering the short time frame, I would say this toy isn’t much stronger than a regular stuffed toy. o_O  The extra layers of OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApolyester are really just there to maintain OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe shape of the toy because they add nothing to its toughness; a fact which Zeea made clear as she easily made it through this layer as well. I was able to clearly see the toy’s construction and realized how far away it was from my comparison to a basketball. Maybe I should buy Zeea an actual basketball (after I research if it is safe for dogs); I bet it would last longer. In the end, Zeea had maybe 15 minutes of play with this ball before it was slam-dunked into the basket; the waste basket that is.

For my readers that have searched this toy and read wonderful reviews from other owners, I would like to point out that I did do my research since I realized how negative my review is versus those of others who love this toy and say it is durable. Firstly, Zeea is an extreme chewer; she even destroys toys that claim they are durable and long-lasting. There are, however, many reviewers that stated their dog is an extreme chewer yet this toy lasted. I believe the key reason for this is summed up in the word ‘active’ These owners are playing fetch and tug-a-war with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtheir dogs (as I stated above, Zeea had no interest in these activities at the time), not allowing their dog to lay down with the toy to simply chew on it. So if you want a toy to play fetch with at the dog park, maybe throw in some tug-a-war when trying to get the ball back, this toy will satisfy your needs as it is unlikely that your dog will put a hole in the toy by simply closing its jaws around it. I do have a toy only for park play, a Chuck-It ball (large), and I would actually recommend it over the Bomber if you are looking for a dog park toy because I feel the Chuck-It is stronger. As well, if Zeea does decide to start chewing it, I could get the ball away without it being majorly damaged whereas it took Zeea 2 minutes to tear the Bomber apart. Overall, the only reason I would suggest choosing the Bomber is pure size (if you feel you need an extra-large ball); otherwise do not waste your money. In short, this toy ‘bombed’. :\

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