Bionic Play…is it over already?

The Urban Stick by Bionic Pet Products

The Urban Stick by Bionic Pet Products

The Urban stick is a uniquely shaped toy that can be stuffed with treats (suggestion: try peanut butter then place the toy in the freezer for a bit).The Urban Stick is made of Bionic rubber composed of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) food-grade material, making it non-toxic to dogs. The material also allows the toy to float and makes it dishwasher safe (great for cleaning off the peanut butter…if there’s any left 😉 ). This toy is described as long-lasting and as able to stand up to the most aggressive chewing or “Bionic Play”. The Urban Stick’s surface is contoured, creating a surface which dogs love to chew on. The ridges also increase OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdurability and are supposed to make the dog feel as though they are chewing through the toy even when they’re not. Zeea definitely loved chewing this toy. However, instead of just feeling as though she was chewing through the toy, Zeea actually did chew through it. I cannot say whether the ridges actually increase the toy’s durability but I can say that the toy itself is neither durable nor long-lasting for aggressive chewers. An OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAinteresting feature of this toy is that it seems to become tougher to break apart as the dog chews the ends away and gets closer to the center. To start off Zeea easily made notches in both ends of the stick and within a few minutes had pulled off her first piece. I noticed, however, that the pieces that followed were not as large and as Zeea continue to work on the toy I noticed that the rubbery material was stretchy and elastic. As Zeea pulled on the toy you could see the material stretch (image stretching a gummy candy) and you could hear a snapping noise, like an elastic band. Although the toy is the same material throughout, it seems that the further from the ends Zeea got, the harder it was to tear the toy apart. In the end, this toy survived over an hour (also chewed for some smaller intervals as well) with Zeea which is no small feat. So if you purchase the Urban Stick it will definitely last longer than the average toy and your dog will enjoy their “Bionic Play” …it just may not last as long as you’d hoped. 😦OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

More than halfway gone...

More than halfway gone…

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