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Jolly Egg by Jolly Pets

The key to this toy’s durability is its shape. It is shaped like an egg which makes it impossible for dogs to get their jaws around it. I had my doubts at first because Zeea was able to pick up and carry The Buster Cube which is also an awkward shape and much bigger than her mouth. However, it seems the egg shape is impossible to grip; Zeea has yet to succeed in this endeavour. The Jolly Egg by Jolly Pets was designed for energetic herding dogs and also to provide a safe outlet for dogs’ hunting instinct. The Egg is made of hard plastic with a hollow center, which also makes it a great pool toy since it floats. Although I cannot fully comment on how tough the plastic actually is, as Zeea can’t get enough of a grip to really bite down on it, it seems to be similar to the plastic on the outside of the Jolly Pets Teaser Ball which proved to be very tough. In Zeea’s attempts to defeat the toy, she has tried pinning it against the ground, holding it between her paws and even


pushing it into her bed where it couldn’t roll away, but no luck. Each time she tried to sink her teeth into it, the Egg would tilt, causing her to lose her grip. Because Zeea was unable to use the fully power of her jaws, this toy has Zeea and egg 1only incurred a few scratches. The Egg is a very simple toy but the company put a lot of thought into it. If your dog loves chasing balls around the house, I highly suggest this is toy. It will keep your dog entertained with its erratic movements as well as not empty your wallet. This toy is absolutely egg-cellent! (I know, I know ^^’ …but it had to be said, lol . Or perhaps I should have said that the Zeea and egg 3Zeea and egg 2Egg will keep your dog scrambling after it! 😆 )

Although this toy is long lasting, the playtime may not be depending on how your dog likes to play. In Zeea’s case, she is more than willing to chase if the thing in question has fur, long ears, a bushy tail or feathers. She is also happy to knock around her toys and chase after them but only if these toys have something (usually food) inside of them which Zeea wants to get out. Otherwise Zeea simply likes to chew or rip toys apart. After about 5 minutes of play Zeea realized that she wasn’t going to be able to destroy the Egg since she couldn’t even get a hold on it and so she stopped playing with it. Since the toy is so durable, I plan to make some modifications to hopefully make the toy more interesting to Zeea. I will make a future post about these changes as they may affect the overall integrity of the Egg.


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