Hyper Chewz, Not all it’s Hyped Up to Be

Hyper Chewz Stick by Hyper Pet

Hyper Chewz Stick by Hyper Pet

Made of EVA Foam, the Hyper Chewz Stick approaches durability in a different way from most toys. Instead of the design focusing on being impenetrable, this toy is made to be pliable which allows the dog’s teeth to sink into the material. This toy molds around their teeth instead of breaking apart; the idea behind this is that the dog believes that it is able to get through the toy as it chews (or so is my understanding 💡 ). Hyper Pet describes this foam as ultra-durable and advertises this toy
for power chewers. Well Zeea definitely sunk her teeth into this toy but she obviously wasn’t satisfied with the feeling; she had to actually tear through the toy. The foam was far from ultra-durable as Zeea had her first piece off within 7 minutes. The foam also caused the toy to squeak. It was not a mouse-like squeak emitted from an actual squeaker but the high-pitched cry of Styrofoam rubbing. This toy was persistently torn apart and after 37 minutes the toy was finally given a break; or rather, our ears were.Hyper Chews Stick

As the label says, the toy should be taken away if any parts become loose or detached. However, to really show how much damage a dog can do to this particular toy, and the fact that she really liked this toy, I allowed Zeea to continue ripping it apart, making sure to remove the foam pieces as to prevent any problems (although some of the smaller pieces were ingested, there have been no health issues). Overall the toy was played with for 65 minutes. There is no doubt, looking at the results from Zeea’s playtime, that this toy is not suited for power chewers unless you follow the physics definition of power equals work over time (a little science lesson 😉 ) as Zeea worked away the surface of the toy and it took time to do so…however little the time may have been.

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