Top 5 Durable Dog Toys Updated

It is the ♫ Merry Merry month of May ♫ and time to update the Top 5 Durable Dog Toys. In first is still the orbee-tuff Diamond Plated Ball with the black KONG in a close second. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThird is The Buster Food Cube and a new toy steps into fourth place, a Zogoflex toy call the Hurley. The Hurley is toys (2)rated above the Teaser Ball because it is made of a more malleable material but is just as durable. Also this is a toy that the dog is meant to chew, getting fully tested by those large canine teeth. As for the Egg it has been knocked off the Top 5 Durable Dog Toys list. Although the Egg is still surviving it is due to the dog’s inability to be able to fully get their jaws around this toy, therefore unlike the toys above which actually do get the full force of the jaw the egg is rated lower. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have also added to the list an honourable mention, the Nebo a great durable toy for extreme chewers. Why is it then not in the list itself? The reason is the availability; extremely difficult to find in stores one needs to order the Nebo and other Dura Doggie toys from the company’s website (which would not be a big deal except for the shipping costs are about half the price of the actual toy or more. 😮 )

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