Flat out Failure


Pup Treads by Spot

While out looking for a new toy for Zeea to test I came across a small tire toy, Pup Treads by Spot. Having the word ‘pup’ in both the name and the description, I wanted to make sure that the toy was suitable for adult dogs and not just puppies. The employee confirmed that the toy was indeed for adults, backing this up with the fact that his adult German Shepard had the exact toy and it indeed was holding up to the adult canines. It was now time to put this toy to the ultimate test – Zeea.

As mentioned before, and as implied by the word ‘treads’, this toy is a small mock tire. Made of natural rubber and 2 ply nylon, this toy includes a floss action which helps keep your dog’s teeth cleaner and their gums healthier. As the label says, it’s a perfect dental aid. Also on the label is assurance of the toy’s tough, durable and long-lasting build. The ‘test-drive’ for this toy, however, was not hours as claimed but a single hour. Within 10 minutes tiny pieces were already pulled off. At first it was slow going but as Zeea got the hang of it 17 minutes in, more and larger pieces were ripped off. Zeea had figured out that she could get a hold of the dog bone-shaped treads in her teeth and tear them away. After 35 minutes more than a quarter of the tire was gone. Zeea was easily pulling chunks off and as another half-hour passed more than half was gone. At one hour and 15 minutes the toy was dead. The tire fell flat 😉 on any positive preconceived expectations.

Received, 10 minutes, 17 minuets, 35 minutes, 1 hour and 15 minutes

Received, 10 minutes, 17 minuets, 35 minutes, 1 hour and 15 minutes

In my opinion, if you buy this toy, you should stick with what the toy’s name states – Pup Treads – because even though it can clean adults’ and puppies’ teeth, it can’t stand up to the power of adults. Next time I guess I should look into getting Zeea an actual car tire (lol 😛 ).

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