This Toy Will Jumble Your Mind

KONG Jumbler

KONG Jumbler

When I pushed my thumb against the plastic and felt how soft, not to mention how thin, this toy was, and I thought Zeea would definitely tear through it. Not only was I thinking this but my sister said the same thing as I added the toy into my basket. However, asked by a reader about this toy, I had to put it to the test.

The KONG Jumbler is two coloured with a confetti design, with one half being green and the other purple. The toy is football-shaped and on its ends are what can only be called handles, which is great for playing tug-of-war. The toy is made of translucent plastic and inside ‘jumbling’ around is a small tennis ball. Also the toy squeaks which makes any toy better in Zeea’s eyes.


So has KONG achieved another durable toy? Yes, I am happy and surprised to say I have had this toy for 3 days and Zeea has yet to even put a hole in it. The seemingly pitiable plastic is very misleading to the touch but you can’t argue with results. Zeea and I have played fetch, tug-of-war and she has also played with it herself, batting it around and chewing it. For another play possibility to the toy I decided to add treats. I achieved this with square treats large enough to fit snugly inside the handles and not too long as to easily be pulled out. I only put in one or two treats on each side but it did bring Zeea’s interest back after the ‘it’s new’ novelty had worn off. I think Zeea likes destroying toys so when she figures out she cannot tear a toy apart, unless it has treats, it is left alone until she is drawn back to it.

In conclusion, KONG has done it again; the Jumbler Football is definitely durable and I would recommend this for any dog. 😀

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