Stix to Sharing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor this toy, the KONG Safe Stix, I had to take different direction; or rather, a different destination. Zeea was not interested in playing with this toy by herself or with me, so I figured I’d try the ‘my toy’ scenario 💡 – the dog is not playing with the toy so another dog decides to play with the toy and then the first dog is like ‘hey that’s mine, I was playing with it’. So I went to the dog park and the plan seemed to work as a few games of tug-of-war took place. The toy did grab the attention of a Labrador Retriever, a Beagle and a Golden Doodle puppy who decided it was his new favorite toy. Unfortunately Zeea never acquired the same enthusiasm.park dogs


KONG Safe Stix

The Safe Stix is still in immaculate condition. The Safe Stix is best described as two plastic strips braided together and topped off on both ends with a ball. I had debated which size to buy because the large toy was very long (almost as long as my dog 😮 ) but I thought that the large size may be thicker than the smaller ones, giving it a higher chance of survival. However, because of Zeea’s lack of interest in the Safe Stix, I do not feel as though I can label it as durable for extreme chewers. I will say, however, KONG products are well-made and this is a tough toy for the average chewer as demonstrated by the other dogs at the dog park. I will write an update when, if ever, Zeea becomes interested in this toy and puts it through the ultimate test.

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