A Good Purchase Cuz…

JW Bad Muscles Cuz

JW Bad Muscles Cuz

The JW Cuz toys are designed to look like a rubber ball that has sprouted feet and other little features. There are good Cuz and bad Cuz toys with the main difference being that the bad Cuz has little devil horns. Although a cute idea, these horns were the one of the first parts to go. The Cuz I tested was the strongest and I am not referring to durability but muscle 😉 – specifically, the Bad Muscle Cuz. With abs and bicep detailing, this little Cuz also grunts (its squeaker is a low noise). So how did this muscle man hold up to the muscles of Zeea’s jaws?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAZeea received the Muscle Cuz toy and quickly the bad Cuz became a good one as its horns were soon chewed off. Even before that though was Zeea’s favourite part – silencing the toy. In this case that meant breaking the hard plastic circle in the back of the toy. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I noticed the plastic piece sticking out from the toy, I took the toy away, afraid of how sharp the plastic was and not wanting Zeaa to get injured. I then removed the rest of the circle which, considering how Zeea had cracked it so easily, was surprisingly hard to do ^^’ (I used scissors and a sharp knife to cut and pry it out). Zeea got the toy back and began her jaw ‘workout’. Within 3 minutes the feet were torn off, leaving just the ball base. Although the extremities OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwere ripped off, the ball itself was durable and has only received a few small tears. Nonetheless, because the Cuz is created to include the legs and feet, I cannot vouch for the extreme durability of this toy and it would not be my top suggestion for extreme chewers. I can say, however, that this is one tough and well-built toy that your dog will get pumped up about. XD

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