A Durable Distraction…with treats

Booya by Petsafe's Busy Buddy

Booya by Petsafe’s Busy Buddy

As many of you may know, Zeea loves her food and her Buster Cube but if you’ve purchased this toy for your dog you know that it can be quite noisy. Unfortunately for Zeea, someone in the house can’t stand even 5 minutes of it. So when the constant clattering gets to finally be too much, the toy is put away. Although Zeea does have other treat dispensing toys, most of them are balls with holes in either side. Zeea enjoys playing with these toys as well but because there is no difficulty (unlike the Buster Cube which has different settings), Zeea has the treats out quickly. Not much of a playtime or a distraction. The solution is the Booya from Petsafe’s Busy Buddy brand.

The Booya’s shape is best described as a rounded-off chemistry flask. Made out of a natural, non-toxic, vanilla-scented (oooh ahh 😮 ) rubber, this toy has one small hole in the top and a much larger hole in the bottom. The bottom hole contains four prongs that trap the treats so they don’t fall out so easily. To change the difficulty, you can cut the prongs shorter or remove them; but remember that you can only make the toy easier, not more difficult, so only trim a little at a time. The top hole, however, has nothing to do with treats. It’s a squeaker and Zeea loves squeakers. So treats, squeaking, what could be better? Yes ladies and gentlemen, this toy is durable! Zeea has yet to destroy this toy and she’s had it for a week; in fact she hasn’t even removed the squeaker, which is encased in the rubber neck of the toy. The Booya is also constructed with low-ridged surfaces; they’re just enough to give a better chewing OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtexture but not so high as to be easily torn off. The little saying ‘toys + treats = long-lasting play’ sums this toy up nicely. All I OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcan say in the end is boo-YA! 😀

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