New Year Review

Another year has passed and we welcome the New Year with a review of the toys that made it through the year. Not all of these toys have lasted quite a year yet and there are also some that surpassed the year mark. Of course, there were many that did not make it. In the upper right column of the site, you will see a list of my top durable toys; however, the list does not include all of the survivors. Some toys continue to be tested while others were passed over. During this toy review I will not only be talking about the durability of toys but also Zeea’s preferences towards them (i.e. how much they were played with).

The black KONG is one of the year-long survivors and anything stuffed with treats is appealing to Zeea so this toy has had more than its fair share of trials. A food-stuffed KONG is a great way to keep your dog occupied when you’re away. This toy is long-lasting though the treats inside may not be. 😉



The Jolly Toy’s Teaser ball has also fared well which is no surprise because it has barely been touched. Once the novelty wore off, Zeea had no interest in it. I also think she finally realized she would not crack though the plastic shell. However, there are dogs that are more focused on getting the small ball out rather than destroying the toy. I believe this is the original idea behind the toy and so could prove to be an enjoyable and long-lasting toy for other dogs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough the Nylabone Dura-chew Stick is still around, I will not be commenting on its durability as it is sitting in Zeea’s toy box, its permanent home since Zeea lost interest in it. Maybe I need to do the ‘chicken trick’ again to reconfirm its durability. What does everyone think – would you like a re-test on the Dura-chew?


This fourth toy, the orbee-tuff Diamond Plated Ball, is one of the most durable toys I have reviewed. 😀 It’s made of a rubber that is malleable so it gives Zeea the illusion that the toy is ‘giving in’ which increases Zeea’s interest in it, as does the bouncing. Since she likes this toy, Zeea has tested it more than once; sometimes I add a little peanut butter which increases her preference for the toy. It is a great toy to add to your collection and one I am sure will show up in many annual reviews.


The Nebo is just like the orbee-tuff Diamond Plated Ball: bouncy, durable and can be made better, in Zeea’s opinion, by adding food. The only difference is that you can’t find this toy in a Canadian store but if you live outside of Canada you should buy this toy and it will last you, or rather, your dog through the year(s) (or you can send it to a dog owner you know in Canada and make their year! 😉 ).

This toy, the Buster Food Cube, is Zeea’s favourite paws down ❤ and I have yet to replace it. There is a slight issue with this toy though which is its inner cylinder pops out sometimes. This is usually due to overfilling and not locking the cylinder in properly (which can beOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA affected by the first reason). As long as you make sure that the cylinder is in properly, your dog will not be able to tear this toy apart. I recommend this toy to all tough-chewer dog owners, especially for when your dog is left alone for more than an hour. It will keep your dog busy as they try to get the kibble inside (which they do even if they don’t end up eating the food, or at least Zeea does) and there is no worry about your dog breaking off pieces and swallowing them. Another use for this toy is for fast-eating dogs, as an alternative to the special-made bowls.

This next toy has survived through all the trials this past year had to throw at it. Through rain, sleet and snow this toy survived – and no I’m not using the weather as a metaphor, I’m talking literally. The Jolly Egg spent most of the year in the backyard. It was my sister’s idea to leave it there in hopes that, when Zeea goes crazy running around the backyard, she would play with the Egg instead of sticks. Unfortunately, this plan did not work unless the toy was in motion (a good way to practice your ball-handling skills for soccer, haha). All I can say for sure is that this toy can survive Mother Nature and it can outlast Zeea’s attacks at least once.

The Hurley by Zogoflex has also made it into the New Year. It is not one of Zeea’s OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfavourite toys but after sitting in beef juice for a little bit (as I mentioned in this toy’s original post), Zeea’s love for it jumps up, as does she 😛 . Still just as durable but now tastier. I’m sure this toy will be one of the survivors in next year’s toy collection.

This toy still jumbles my mind as to how it has lasted a year but the KONG OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJumbler is indeed part of Zeea’s durable toy list. I would love to hear though if your dog has gotten through it. I am not completely clear on how Zeea feels about this toy; I thought she had lost all interest in it but I was wrong. I’ll be watching TV or on my computer (writing my blog post of course 😉 ) and suddenly she runs by and tackles the toy or I hear a squeak and check to see what Zeea is up to. Zeea will pick it up and throw it around and she tries to chew it but not for very long. This toy seems to be more of a ‘chase’ toy for Zeea and not so much of a ‘need to chew apart’ toy.


The last toy for this New Year’s review has actually only been around for half a year but it has definitely earned its place on the list. The Booya is the “I have a bad headache and therefore want something quiet” version of the Buster Cube (though it looks more like a KONG) and has also been just as durable. Besides the durability, the Booya has an extra bonus: it can hold different shapes and sizes of treats whereas the Buster Cube can only hold kibble or kibble-like shapes. Another bonus, at least as Zeea sees it, is its squeak. No worries to those with headaches though, the squeak is not constant.

So there you have it, the annual durable toy review. All of the toys I’ve listed above are durable but not all of them have Zeea drooling over them. In the end, I have found Zeea’s preference for a toy is heightened by two things: 1) treats (obviously) and 2) the possibility of destruction. >:D


More toy reviews to come…(but first I’m going to be a BAT :p )

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