The Most Durable Stuffed Toy

The Loopies Floppy fishbone was not a toy I personally chose from the shelf but I received it from BarkBox as a replacement for the BarkMade Yuletide Log which was supposed to be part of the ‘Heavy Chewer’ BarkBox but lasted mere minutes. When I first saw the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFloppy fishbone I thought it would be as strong as a Tuffy 🙄 as their build seemed very similar – a soft stuffed toy with thick multi-stitched nylon-like material on the edges. I was mistaken, however, as after 8 minutes (the amount of time the Tuffy lasted) the fishbone was not fully unstuffed.

Before I start talking about the destruction of this toy, I would like to take a moment to talk about its creation. Loopies toys are inspired by humans’ primal instincts and our tendency to be attracted to symmetrical objects; this is an attraction/instinct that dogs are also assumed to share. While I cannot comment on every dog, I can say that Zeea was notOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA particularly drawn to this toy. I handed it to her and she didn’t immediately start tearing it apart like she usually does with every other stuffed toy so the toy just sat on the floor. When she finally started to play with the fishbone it took about 5 minutes to break open part of the border and 15 minutes to get enough of the toy torn to be able to start pulling out the cotton. Zeea’s attention once again OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAturned away from the toy until, thanks to me, the sound of the squeaker drew her back. This time Zeea attacked the head and another 15 minutes passed before more cotton and the squeaker had been removed. This toy lasted 30 minutes without ending up in shreds– wow! 😮 So I must say this is the most durable stuffed toy I have come across. I do stress stuffed though because compared to many other toys this is not one of the strongest as Zeea was able to damage it and within 5 minutes.

I looked up this toy online and found out that you can soak it than freeze it, making it a toy for super chewers so perhaps the toy could have not even been torn within the first 5 minutes if frozen. Hoping I didn’t miss anything else, I checked the tag and found that nowhere does it mention anything about being able to freeze this toy. As the toy now has holes in it I am not sure if freezing will work but it’s worth a try as the fishbone still has a ways to go before I’d consider it completely destroyed. The coldness and different texture of the frozen toy may also pique Zeea’s interest more and she may give it more than a few more minutes every so often when she tears away another rib.


So for whether this toy is durable and long-lasting, I can only say that a strong chewer can definitely get through the fishbone (unfrozen) but if looking specifically for a stuffed toy then this is one I suggest as it is the longest-lasting stuffed toy Zeea (and I) have tested.

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2 Responses to The Most Durable Stuffed Toy

  1. Amber Deuel says:

    Thank you again, I enjoy your reviews and find them very helpful!! Always puts a smile on my face! As I face the same problems too!!!! Thank you!!


    • Zeea says:

      I’m glad they help and I would love to hear how the toys survived or didn’t survive your dog or if there are any toys you want tested (that I can get in Canada).

      Feedback is wonderful, Thanks!


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