A Toy that Sticks Around


One of the toys in the New Year review I didn’t say much about was the Nylabone DuraChew Hollow Stick because it wasn’t played with at all since my last review of it. I did, however, mention the “chicken trick” and how the addition of food is a great way to get Zeea’s attention so once again I bribed her into playing with a specific toy. Instead of chicken this time I did something a little easier (no cooking involved 😉 ). The DuraChew Hollow Stick has, as stated in its name, a hollow centre which is perfect for adding treats. So I searched around for a treat that would be thin enough to fit into the hollow centre and long enough to extend out both ends. This is when I found out that, although this toy is mostly hollow, it is broken up by a block where the second small branch extends from the toy. This meant I couldn’t push the treat all the way through so I had to find something shorter. In the end I used a dental chew 😀 which had the perfect width as it was a tight squeeze, meaning Zeea would have to work the treat out and thus creating more playtime. Zeea’s teeth did begin to wear away the stick’s end once again leaving the surface with an even rougher texture and no smooth end sections.

I have come to the conclusion that this is a long-lasting, tough toy. However, it is not as durable as some of the other toys I have reviewed and I say this because pieces, even though miniscule, have been removed and with enough time (a long, long time) the whole toy could be worn away. Ultimately, this is a great toy for those tough chewers out there but how long it lasts is going to depend on how much your dog plays with it. 😈

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