Not one, not two, not even three, but four 😮 bones are joined together to make this dog treat. The Quado by N-Bone Company is an interactive dog treat with the four bones connecting at a center point to form a tetrahedron (a fancy math term for 3 sided pyramid) which allows easy rotation making this product not only edible but interactive. In Zeea’s case the only flipping action the Quado got was to switch a now-non-existent bone with another. I had hoped she would bat the treat about more OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
creating a longer lasting treat and more entertainment. In the end the Quado lasted about 15 minutes which is a decent amount of time considering Zeea’s crazy chewing capabilities. Like many chews this treat claims it removes plaque and tartar with an added bonus of freshening breath. Also, for ‘no processed food’ owners, you will be happy to know this treat is all natural and for those ‘selective ingredient’ owners, it is also wheat, corn, and soy free. For all the different dogs out there, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(princesses/princes to monsters) this toy comes in all different sizes starting at small fry to ginormous and there are three flavour options: pumpkin, peanut butter, and mint. Natural, fresh breath, and different flavours; sounds great but I do want to bring you back to the main focus of this blog, does it last? 😕  I had higher expectations for the Quado as I was hoping it would last at least half-an-hour. So when the results were only 15 minutes I was disappointed. I don’t think this is the best treat out there for aggressive chewers especially since in the end the price was higher than the minutes it lasted.


It is stated more than once on the Quado package that this treat is edible and digestible. Well certainly Zeea proved its edibility but as for the digestibility… well let’s just say she brought up the ‘topic’ o_O ; I woke the next morning to find Zeea had vomited. Now I would usually not criticize the treat as Zeea does have a sensitive stomach but because I have seen upset stomach vomit along with other reason Zeea was sick, I can say that the Quado was most likely the cause (I keep track of anything new Zeea gets). The vomit was full of Quado pieces that had not been digested very well. I am not saying the fault is entirely on the Quado or that your dog will get sick, but this is just a warning, especially to those that have speedy chewers and/or dogs that are known to swallow larger pieces.

So before you buy, ask is the Quado right four your dog? (I know, lame…but I had to end with something lighter 😛 )

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8 Responses to Qua-d’oh

  1. I honestly thought it would have a happy ending. My dog happens to have a sensitive stomach like your Zeea, so I was looking for some product reviews about Quodo before buying it. Thanks for sharing your experience with this product.! 🙂


    • Zeea says:

      Thanks for reading! 🙂 Glad the review was helpful.

      For dogs with sensitive stomachs I have found ‘natural’ chews are the best (ex. antlers, beef bones,etc.) especially if looking for something to last longer. If you liked the dental aspect I can suggest Denta Stixs or the Milk Bone Dental Chew. Zeea has had no issue with either of these and LOVES them, which means they disappear quickly. 😉

      Out of curiosity, what breed(s) is/are your dog? I would love to see a picture.


  2. He was named Zandro when we pick him up from the shelter, I personally like his name. ❤

    It was lucky that the flavor is chicken because Cassy loves chicken so much. I've heard that chicken is a common allergy to dogs but Cassy seems to be doing well with it, I sometimes put cooked chicken as topper. Yup! Cassy hates veggies, guess Zeea and Cassy are quite alike. 🙂


    • Zeea says:

      There are dogs out there that have poultry allergies; they tend to itch themselves a lot and usually the skin gets reddish and irritated. The problem is a lot of foods that don’t have chicken or chicken meal still have chicken fat. The best bet is usually fish-based foods.

      If the chews don’t work make sure to brush her teeth well (or do both) as it is common for small breeds to have dental problems. Enzymatic toothpastes are the best because as long as it gets on the teeth it will start to work away the plaque and tartar. There is also products you can add into your dogs water as a preventative method.

      Cassy and Zeea do seem to be quiet alike. I’m getting a Wisdom Panel done maybe she’ll have Yorkie in her…hahaha 😛


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