Too Cool…

The heat is a hard thing to beat and some breeds, like those in the Spitz family, have it tougher because they are raised for colder climates. Zeea was born far up north and she’s a ‘snow’ breed (i.e. Huskies, Samoyeds, Bernese Mountain dogs, etc.) which share a common trait of a thicker double-coat. Many people think that the less fur, the cooler the dog will be but NEVER shave a double-coated breed (i.e. Husky, Newfoundland, and Samoyeds) because you will actually make them hotter. Although not ideal for the hot summer weather, the coat still has a way of regulating body temperature through the undercoat (too much undercoat though and air is blocked from the skin, which is why they shed and still need to be groomed).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo how can you keep your dog cooler? Why not chill out
with an Ice Bandana by all for paws. Made out of a special material, all you need to do is soak the bandana in water and place it around your dog’s neck and it is supposed to provide instant cooling relief. I soaked the bandana in water and it started to release what I would describe as a gel-like substance if squeezed. The first time I used the bandana I just ran it under the tap to get it wet but not Zeea runningdrenched and there was no gel residue. After being outside for about an hour, I felt the bandana to see if it was working; it did not feel cold but was damp. I assume this product works by using the process of evaporation (the same the way our sweat keeps us cooler), with the special material/substance keeping the bandana continuously wet. That is why the second time I soaked it then the third time around, to make it even cooler, I put the bandana in the freezer after immersing it in water. This last option was the best one as it ups the cooling factor and increases the time it takes for the water to fully evaporate. If you are placing it in the freezer, lay it flat, not folded, because otherwise it will get stuck together 😳 and you will have to wait for it to unthaw before being able to put it on. By the end of the walk Zeea was still hot so this product is not the perfect solution and in the end Zeea found a better way to beat the heat, and have tons of fun at the same time, by plunging into a large and very muddy puddle. ^^’  Zeea loves mud 2 Zeea was really pleased with herself for figuring out a soil-lution. 😉 (As you can see)

The Ice Bandana’s science is sound so, although it might not keep your dog ultra-cool, your dog will get some relief from the heat. I was definitely glad to have it for Woofstock as it was a long and hot day. In five hours I re-wetted the bandana twice by pouring some water from a water bottle onto it and, although I didn’t super-soak the bandana, it still held moisture by the end of the day.

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