OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust this past month I went to Woofstock and, as usual, Zeea was spoiled. There were different vendors selling natural-made chews like hooves, antlers and different dried animal parts. I glanced at the beef tendons but I find they aren’t worth it because they are eaten just as fast as a biscuit-type treat; so essentially gone in seconds. At one vendor I happened to come across a different size tendon than I had seen before; it was quite large and thicker than most. I thought there was no harm in trying it because at least the size would make it last longer. I knew they weren’t beef tendons but the box that held OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthem said nothing but tendon and the price – so what animal were they from? I never would have guessed. They were ostrich tendons! That’s right ostrich. It shocked me too but it makes sense; long legs = long tendons and powerful legs = stronger tendons (at least in theory). To be honest, I thought that it would take longer for Zeea to chew through only because it was longer. However, the ostrich tendon exceeded my expectations. It took Zeea almost 15 minutes to finish it all, in comparison to a beef tendon which takes her less than minute. She spent a good time crunching on the tendon as it didn’t seem to just snap apart easily in some sections, which is probably due to the ostrich tendon being more fibrous. So now I know: strong ostrich tendons for strong chewers.


This shows how long the tendon is… 



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