A bit of a paws…

I just want to let all my readers to know that I haven’t posted recently because Zeea has had little interest in toys recently, instead she enjoys making a den with my blanket and sitting by the fan. Just like humidity can make people tired it seems to affects dogs too.

A little bit of advice to those with double coated dogs or those with dogs that really feel the heat: walk early in the morning and in the evening when it is usually cooler, bring water to keep hydrated and if going for a long period of time a bandanna soaked in cold water is a great trick (or an ice bandanna (as seen in the post below)).

NEVER leave your dog in a hot car! I have read too many stories about dogs suffering and even dying because of becoming over-heated in cars. An open window does not remove the threat of heat stroke. If you see a dog in distress please call animal control or 911.

animalwelfarists: “ “(source) ” To lower the risk of heat stroke (and associated illnesses): • Do not leave pets unattended in cars during hot weather. No, opening a window to let air in will not remove the threat of heat stroke. • Ensure that pets...

http://animalwelfarists.tumblr.com *Should also be noted that senior dogs at more at risk


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