It is the time of the year where finally the weather is starting to cool down and Zeea’s energy is peaking again. Always a fan of small rodents and birds, Zeea takes interest in toys that remind her of said creatures. On a visit to the pet store with my sister we decided to venture into the cat toy aisles for her small dog, Silas, who is into pulling off fluff like that found on many cat-mouse toys. We tested out Silas’s reactions to different toys, hoping to find one for him, and in the process Zeea found one for herself. This toy is a toy-mouse encased in a spherical-frame that, when rolled, lets out a high pitched chirp. Zeea was extremely intrigued and pounced on it right away. After taking it away from her a few times and her interest in it not fading, as well as her refusal to move 🙄 , I decided to buy it for her.


I was skeptical about how long the toy would last since it was made for a cat but the strength of the plastic surprised me which is why, after months of having this toy, I have finally decided to write about it. The Play N Squeak is a ball with large open spaces and it has a toy-mouse inside. There is no flexibility to the frame at all and the spaces in the frame are too small to get to the mouse inside which is suspended in the center on a bar. Although the tail of the mouse can be pulled out, one small roll of the ball and the tail curls back inside. It is not a very realistic looking mouse so I am sure the toy-rodent is not the draw but, just like with many dog toys, it’s the noise. It sounds like a real bird (yes a bird, not a mouse) and OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAit really grabs Zeea’s attention. Although I can’t say 100% that this toy has high durability, I can say Zeea has yet to crack it even though she really, really wants what’s inside. Just how much does she want the mouse? Enough to start whining when she doesn’t succeed after a few attempts. 😥


In the end, this cat toy is stronger than many of the dog toys Zeea has tested. Me-wow! 🐱

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