20170102_154919Recently it seems Zeea is maturing and thus her passion for destruction is waning. However, there are certain toys that Zeea never gets bored with and those are the ones that dispense treats. Still as treat-motivated as ever, this toy, the Dogzilla Dino Egg, was a perfect addition to her collection and this blog.

This toy has proven its durability multiple times. The rubber is very flexible so the dog can push its muzzle into the toy which widens the openings but also prevents the dog from being able to get the grip it needs around the toy so that they can rip it apart. At least this is the case with medium and large dogs. It is always important to get the proper toy size for the size of your dog; if unsure, always go bigger. In this case bigger is better. 😉OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Dino Egg has the option of inserting treats for added interest or, in Zeea’s case, any interest at all. 😛 What is great about this toy is that, unlike some other treat dispensers that only fit kibble-sized food, the Dino Egg can fit many sizes – although this takes some maneuvering. Also, because of the design, the dog cannot just roll, throw or flip the toy to have the treats fall out but they have to dig it out. Therefore, it is a great toy to keep your dog busy and quiet in their own space.

Another factor that seems to be popular with dog owners nowadays is mental stimulation. I don’t necessarily believe using a KONG or a toy they need to roll around is mental stimulation but in this case I watched Zeea try the typical throw-and-roll and when she realized nothing would come out, I could see her brain working. The rubber is springy so it easily pops back to the original shape so it has to be held down. This toy has a puzzle-like aspect which is what makes it mentally stimulating and can use more energy than running around.

I would suggest this toy if you’re looking for something to keep your dog’s interest (with treats) and keep your dog occupied on his/her own. Even if they seem to get the hang of getting the treats out, different size treats add new challenges. A stronger chewer devours a chew in a flash but place that inside the Dino Egg and you’ll have a longer lasting chew and a long-lasting toy.

Overall this toy is egg-cellent! 😛


Brawns won’t work on this toy; you need brains. Lucky Zeea has both 😉

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