YOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAou would think a toy called the Gorilla Chew would be strong – after all, gorillas are built like power-houses and they eat one of the strongest plants, bamboo. So when you see “gorilla” in the title you expect something durable. Also the label states it is safe, strong and satisfying, however this is not what I got.

I could regale you with how quickly and easily Zeea removed chips of wood from the toy but to show how weak this toy truly is, I am going to use my sister’s dog, a little 14 lbs Maltese-poodle mix named Silas, as my example.

Like Zeea, Silas likes chewing on wood outside so my sister thought, just as I had, that it would be great to get Silas a Gorilla Chew. Silas loved it and began chewing and, within a minute, pieces were already coming off. The bits were collected and Silas continued on happily. Suddenly, however, Silas stopped chewing the block of wood and began trying to chew the left side of his mouth; his tongue was also sticking out of his mouth at a strange angle. Knowing something was wrong, my sister pried open his mouth and she saw, in between his canine and first molar, a splinter of wood. It was stuck! My sister was not able to remove the splinter with her fingers and she ended up holding Silas’s mouth open as I improvised floss with a ripped off strip from an empty dog food bag. Luckily it did the job and we got the piece out.


After the incident we looked up the Gorilla Chew on the internet and found others had had the same problem – pieces of wood would easily break off and the dog would end up with splinters stuck between their teeth or swallow them (a possible choking hazard). So, I wrote this post so I could warn all dog owners to be very careful with the Gorilla Chew. If your dog will possibly be chewing on this toy rather than just gumming it, it is not the best option for you and your pet. And if your dog is definitely a chewer, I would suggest avoiding this toy completely. The Gorilla Chew is definitely not the safe and strong toy the company states it to be.Forget King Kong when buying your dog toys and just think KONG instead.

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