Where Toys Go to Die…(about)

Did it even have a chance? This has been a big question with many dog owners as they watch their attempts to find a lasting toy get torn apart (literally). I have also been there, cotton strewn across the floor, tiny bits of plastic embedded in the carpet and a multitude of fabric scraps from what used to take the form of a toy. To save other owners from sacrificing more toys and money I have found the ultimate test of toys and that would be my dog, Zeea. I will be reviewing (and Zeea will be playing with) those toys that are labelled ‘indestructible’ to let you know if the toy actually lives up to its name.

If there are any toys you want tested before you buy them for your dog or wish to challenge Zeea’s ability to tear through toys please let me know. 😀


3 Responses to Where Toys Go to Die…(about)

  1. Daina says:

    I have a Shepherd chow mix and I laugh because everyone of the toys that you have pictured my dog has done the exact same thing to and every toy that lasted are the only ones that I still have in my house. One that you don’t have listed is called dura doggie beba toy. They have their own website but also sell on places like amazon. It even has a squeeker inside! The little feet are chewed off but the rest of it, the important part still intact! Must try!!

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