What’s the “Woof”?

On my walks, days at the dog park and browsing dog shops, I meet a lot of fellow dog owners. Some share my experience in searching for a durable long-lasting toy and others pick some of the softest toys from the shelves. All of us have questions. So feel free to ask your dog related questions here. Also I will be sharing my own dog-related posts.

Zeea’s bark is just as good as her bite. 😉

A Terrible Tail

Zeea and I were out for a walk and, as always, she sat down before we crossed the road. Well, it just so happened that another dog owner appeared with her dog on a long line and she was coming straight towards Zeea. Zeea was super excited as she always is to see another dog but I kept her close to me because even though a dog is on a long line it could still be unfriendly. The owner called out though and asked if Zeea was friendly. Saying yes, I loosened Zeea’s leash so she could go meet the dog but just as the dogs were nose-to-nose, her dog attacked. Yes, attacked! And then I hear the owner say “mine’s not” as though she thought it was funny :/ . Zeea of course is a feisty girl and can stand up for herself; however, as I hope all responsible dog owners would do, I separated the two dogs. No help from the other owner and, no surprise, I didn’t get an apology. 🙄 This is a perfect example of why not just anyone should be able to own a dog. I completely blame the owner in this situation and it’s a shame the owner doesn’t care if her dog, or another person’s dog, could get hurt (Zeea is 54 lbs, she is not small). I may not refer to Zeea as my fur-baby but she is family nonetheless and I would be distraught if something awful happen to her.

Now, because of this incident, Zeea’s behaviour has been off. Instead of my playful pup, excited to meet any new dog, she has become aggressive and will snap at dogs that come near her. 😦  I had not realized the impact of the dog attack right away, as she had been in a scuffle at the dog park before, but this was the first time one had happened while she was on leash. Out for a walk once again, a man approached with his small white dog; we allowed the dogs to greet each other and in moments Zeea was baring her teeth. I pulled her away and asked the man if his dog was an unneutered male as I know Zeea will not let males take a long sniff of her butt. However, it turned out the man’s dog was neutered. It wasn’t until the next dog we met where Zeea had the same negative reaction that I started to notice the change in her; even if a dog simply came close to her, her attitude was hostile. So sadly now we do not meet strange dogs and I try to go around the path of other owners and their dogs to avoid conflict. 😥 I would hate for Zeea to hurt another dog or get hurt herself.zeea-showing-teeth

This time I am the one seeking advice. If anyone has any suggestions about how to remedy Zeea’s aggressive attitude towards other dogs, please let me know. Also, feel free to share your own ‘terrible tails.’ Thank you.


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