Zeea’s Story


Zeea's adoption photo

Zeea’s adoption photo

Zeea is a rescue dog from Sandy Lake Rescue and she originated from the native reserve, in northern Ontario, Attawapiskat. She was rescue from her mother who was so malnourished she could not produce milk and was found by me on Petfinder (great site to look for rescue dogs to adopt). The most adorable picture made me fall in love at first sight; her profile listed her as a husky/shepherd. I drove to Barrie and picked up the cute little 9 week old puppy and she has been with me ever since. Now she is not so little weighing about 54 pounds, about the size of a female husky and as you can see is coloured like a German Shepherd.

Fun Fact: Where did the name Zeea come from? You would never guess but this is an amalgamation of the word ‘zebra’ and the name Mia. Why these two I am sure you are wondering, especially the zebra part. The answer is on the way home I was calling out random names to see if Zeea would respond to any and it so happens she licked me when I said Mia. Personally though I wasn’t crazy about the name and so by chance I looked at Zeea and her collar stood out. Zeea had a light blue zebra striped collar so I started saying zebra and somehow *badadum* ZEEA. (Yes this is how my mind really does work lol 😀 )



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